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Why does my garage door open but not close?

You must check the safety reverse sensors first. If the opener light is blinking, it means the sensors are not aligned, so align them correctly. If there is no blinking light and it is newly installed, call our experts to check the motor case.

What power do I need for my garage door opener?

Garage door openers have different powers. More powerful openers can lift heavier garage doors. The power of the door opener you need depends on the weight of your garage door. Heavier doors may require door openers with ¾ horsepower. Choose one that’s right for your door’s weight to make sure that it can be lifted and that you don’t waste money spending it on something you don't need.

How can my garage door cables be repaired?

It may be as simple as reattaching the cables to the door. If it is necessary to replace the cables, our experts at Garage Door Repair Orlando have the necessary training to safely replace your cables and balance the door again.

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